We have the fastest turnaround in the country.

We repair damaged threads that cause image shift. Unlike some other companies which put grease in the threads as a "fix", (the grease will eventually push its way out the side and image shift will return,) we repair the threads by spraying them with emarlon bake to cure and work in the threads. This is the only way to properly take care of any image shift and loss motion problems without expensive part replacement.

We also repair lenses that are badly damaged due to sand, saltwater & impact damage.

We modify & service Canon, Fujinon & Nikon zoom controllers. We also convert 6 pin- 12 pin connectors, 8 pin - 12 pin connectors, 12 pin - 8 pin connectors. We can convert any of these manufacturers' controllers to work on any lens.

We also specialize in the modification of lenses designed for Sharp cameras to be used on Sony cameras.

We have a full machine shop in-house and can make mounts and gears for follow focus and zooms as well as any special modifications, if needed.

We service and rebuild all of the following lenses:

15-40mm Angenieux Optimo T2.6
17-80mm Angenieux Optimo T2.2
28-76mm Angenieux Optimo T2.6
24-290mm Angenieux Optimo T2.8
16-42mm Angenieux DP Rouge T2.8
30-80mm Angenieux DP Rouge T2.8

Leica Summilux-C
Leica Summicron-C

Cooke Panchros
Cooke S4i and S5is

18-100mm Cooke
25-250mm Cooke mkI, mkII, and mkIII
25-250mm Angenieux HR T3.5
25-250mm Angenieux HP T3.7

ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes
Zeiss Ultra Primes
Zeiss Super Speeds
Zeiss Standard Primes
Zeiss Compact Primes
Zeiss DigiPrimes

Lomo Anamorphics
Kowa Anamorphics

Fujinon ENG
Canon ENG
Fujinon Alura
Fujinon 42x lenses with Cineflex systems for helicopters
Super Baltars

We also PL Super Baltars and install focus stops



Call (818) 567-1007
Email: stuart@focusoptics.com
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We have the fastest turnaround in the country

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